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So I’m sure you are dying to know how Madonna was last night? Well, she was amazing! The show was a great mix of the new album, hits from the past three albums and a few oldies but greaties like Borderline. There were a lot of perfecty placed McCain bashing moments including when McCain’s picture was flashed on a giant screen surrounded by the word “stupid”. Fans will know what song that was. Later during an I Love New York singalong, Madonna shouted “Palin get off my street”! Again, fans you can imagine how that went. There was also a spot when as Madonna played an extreemly grating note on an electric guitar, she shouted “This is the sound of Sarah Palin’s husband on his snow-mobile going home”! It was great!

Madonna danced her ass off from start to finish and looked great while doing it. I was exhausted just watching so I don’t know how a 50 year old can perform to that level every night. 

There were a few dull numbers but for the most part it was two hours of “off you seat” hits. We took pictures but I forgot to bring the cable for my camera so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to post them.

Author: Jeff McKinney

Creator/Editor of ColumbiaCountyCurrent, Lover of Happy Hour, NY REALTOR, World's Best Uncle, Movie Buff.

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