E3 2006 – Day 2

I’m in the middle of E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo and finding it difficult to deal with the overpowering odors coming from people who feel that showering is optional. I have nothing against people who don’t shower, as long as they stay home, but if you know you are going to be in a close crowd of people in a hot convention center then you should at least have the courtesy to shower and put on a clean T-shirt.

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A Night On The Town

Last night (Saturday) Seth and I headed out for a mini bar-crawl. We started at a favorite spot of ours in Chelsea – Baracuda. The bar was empty and freezing plus they were playing some unbearable music that can best be described as the B-side of a Miami Vice soundtrack. We left after a quick drink and headed around the corner to Jakes (Pub?, Bar?, Saloon?) on 23rd street, for our friend, Anne’s birthday party. We had never been to this bar before but really liked it’s quaint old world stlye with a large wood bar, mixed with modern touches like flat-screen tvs mounted on the mirrors behind the bar. We met some very interesting people like Anne’s friend, Beverly, who recently lost over 100 pounds and used to work for the production team on the Amazing Race, one of my favorite shows. After Jakes we headed up and over to Secret on West 29th off 10th Avenue. Secret was way too trendy and crowded with lots of cute people in cute outfits looking like they’d rather be somewhere else. We stayed long enough for a drink and after waiting too long just to use the toilet we left for our final spot – Siberia. Siberia is hidden in the shadows of the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 40th street. We were there to meet some friends and see another friend, Sam, dancing on the bar. Siberia was sleazy and smelled terrible but was a lot of fun. We ended our night back home with pizza and Resident Evil – a proper Saturday night!